Natian Brewery


50 shades of Earl Grey Imperial India Pale Ale
8.2% Alcohol by Volume
60 International Bittering Units
This Imperial IPA is juicy from Orange zest, with nice tones of Citrus from Citra hops.The falconers flight and cascade hops are accentuated by early grey tea leaves. No bitter bite, all flavor and aroma.

Pumpkin is the new Black Stout
8.2% Alcohol by Volume
47 International Bittering Units
Natian has brought back its Imperial Milk Stout from festivals past, but with a blend of pumpkin ale to help spice up the offering. The Imperial Milk Stout is brewed with lactose and chocolate malt then aged on Kahlua soaked oak, while the pumpkin is also brewed with lactose and mild additions of spices to allow the actual pumpkin flavor to come forward.

Lifted Light Lager (without oak chips)
6% Alcohol by Volume
20 International Bittering Units
A Light Lager with a kick! A crisp clean Lager with a nice malty flavor. It has a very low hop profile that gives this beer a fantastic flavor filled finish.

Full Pour Imperial Indian Pale Lager
8% Alcohol by Volume
68 International Bittering Units
This summer lager has a delightful citrus kick. This single hop IPL utilizes Citra in multiple steps of the brewing process. Citra is added generously to the boil, hop back and dry hopping to ensure a fragrant presence without the mouth puckering bitterness, balancing the sweetness from the pilsner, two-row and Munich malts.

Lifted Light Lager (with oak chips)
6% Alcohol by Volume
20 International Bittering Units
"Lifted" Light Lager is aged on Oregon oak chips, with a nice malty lager flavor. It has a very low hop profile that finishes with a tasty hint of oak

My Name is Earl NW Pale Ale
7.8% Alcohol by Volume
75 International Bittering Units
A crisp, and refreshing Dry hopped Northwest pale ale. Brewed with Citra (hops) and infused with cold brewed Earl Grey tea.

Communion Imperial Red Ale
10.4% Alcohol by Volume
30 International Bittering Units
Brewed with Acai Berries and a touch of Hibiscus, this deep red colored ale is aged on Red Wine soaked Oregon Oak chips. The Acai provides dark cherry, chocolate and Blackberry notes which are accentuated by the red wine. Little to almost absent hop profile but a slight dry after taste helps balance out the juiciness imparted by the fruits, and a combination of grain and grape.

Irish Water Imperial Golden Ale
9.2% Alcohol by Volume
28 International Bittering Units
This deceptively smooth ale is brewed simply with 2-row and the Zythos® hop blend.. Of course, we don’t stop there! A copious amount of Oregon honey is added, boosting the ABV into imperial range and leaving a crisp, dry finish. The beer is then aged on Oregon oak that has been soaked in Irish whiskey and infused with organically-grown estate Cascade from Natian’s private hop garden.

Cease and Desist Imperial Milk Stout
9.2% Alcohol by Volume
72 International Bittering Units
Renamed the Cease and Desist, from McGuinness Stout, due to some naming issuses with...well you figure it out! Big, bold and full-bodied. This midnight-black stout incorporates oatmeal and unfermentable milk sugar, lending the finished beer a subtle sweetness and a full, creamy mouthfeel. The coffee notes from the roasted malt are further complemented by aging on Oregon oak which has been soaked in Kahlúa® coffee liqueur. Brewed in 2014 and aged to perfection!

Handful India Red Ale
6.2% Alcohol by Volume
67 International Bittering Units
Distinctly American, this IRA has more than a handful of hops. The Zythos® blend of hops is what drives this beer’s pungent aroma and elevated bitterness. The hop profile sets up against a decidedly more malty backbone. Layered to satisfy any malt-lover, it is delicately balanced with enough bitterness to clean up the palate for another sip or another round.

Knockback Amber Lager
4.4% Alcohol by Volume
18 International Bittering Units
A style originally brewed in Vienna and brought to Mexico by Austrian brewers. We use the same Mexican lager yeast strain to produce the Knockback, which comes in at a very sessionable 4.4% ABV. With organic ingredients and greater freshness, depth of flavor and body than modern examples, this slightly malt-forward but extremely drinkable beer pairs well with almost any food.

Everyday India Pale Ale
5.5% Alcohol by Volume
62 International Bittering Units
We stop just short of calling this a “Session IPA” at 5.5% ABV, but hop-philes and hop-curious alike can enjoy more than one. This IPA has an assertive but rounded bitterness level due to the hop-bursting technique utilized during the brewing process. A blend of Falconer’s Flight®, Zythos®, Palisades and Cascade hops are used late in the boil and for heavy dry-hopping, creating a complex hoppy flavor and aroma without fatiguing the palate with excessive bitterness.

CuDa Cascadian Dark Ale
7.4% Alcohol by Volume
0 International Bittering Units
Roasted malts balanced out with the star hop in this recipe, Amarillo. It’s a dark twist on an IPA.

Old Grogham Imperial IPA
8.5% Alcohol by Volume
0 International Bittering Units
Palisade hops were added throughout the boil and dry hop schedule, along with high alpha American hops for bittering, Noble hops for aroma and a few other varieties in-between to balance the heavy malt profile. Rum soaked Oregon oak spires added during the final stages of fermentation bring flavor notes of caramel and vanilla to complement the bitterness.

Lumberjane Milk Stout 15'
8.6% Alcohol by Volume
80 International Bittering Units
Stout in the summer?! The Lumberjane doesn’t mess around when it comes to delivering on its promise of stout roast flavor. Where it surprises though, is in the balanced, almost dry finish. The Lumberjane is an unapologetically substantial, but easy-drinking, year- round stout that won’t chop down your palate with excessive body or sweetness.

Undun Blonde Ale
5.3% Alcohol by Volume
28 International Bittering Units
There’s a little bit of summer in every pint of this smooth, easy-drinking and hoppy Blonde Ale. A strong hop bouquet and a very present, but soft and balanced bitterness counterpoints the subtle malt profile in this year-round crowd pleaser.