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No Fooling Around Here

Happy Spring everyone!!  We’ve made it through the dark, gray, dreary days of winter unscathed, and we hope you have too.  The clocks have sprung forward and it’s time for renewed optimism as the days grow longer and we welcome the sun’s rays with open arms.  Although, as we Portlanders all know, don’t expect the rains to stop until about July 4th.  Then we can all officially declare it summer! Okay, first off, how was your St. Patty’s Day?  We trust you reveled in all things Irish for the day, including corned beef and cabbage, wearing lots of green and
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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day- And Other Spring Events

Can you believe it’s March already?!  Man, time really goes by faster the older you get.  Why is that?  If anybody can explain it to me, I’m all ears because I really don’t understand it. Alright, onto the news and what’s happening at Natian.  Next week, I’ll be flying down to Dallas to meet with a can manufacturer to approve our new printed cans!  This may not be big news to you, but it is for me.  For the past year we’ve been using shrink wrap labels on our cans.  This process is very time consuming and labor intensive.  Really,
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